Sabio Law LLP

Our methods and pricing are contemporary and innovative. We are not bound by any one method and offer customization as per our clients’ needs and requirements. Like you, even we prefer alternative fee arrangements (AFA). Following are some of the methods we use to charge our services:


Professionals such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents, dentists, doctors and lawyers can hire us on a subscription-based model and seek legal advice on a day to day basis.


This is a traditional pricing model for legal services wherein we charge clients by the hour. Example- we charge $$ per hour to spend time on your file. If you do not like it neither do we.


This would be a stage wise payment model. From inception to conclusion, we will quote one fee, irrespective of the hours we put in to make things right for you. Example- We quote $$ for your entire case.


This means that you do not pay us until you get paid. Like hourly rate, this too is a traditional payment model. We do not prefer this unless it is professional negligence or personal injury claim. We like to use our discretion here.


This is a mix of an hourly rate and a fixed fee. Even though the charges are calculated as per the hour, we will put a cap on the cost at every stage of litigation. Example- we charge $$ per hour but the cost of preparing for your discovery would be capped at $ value.