Real Estate Lawyer- Mississauga

Smoothing Out the Process to Make Transactions More Efficient in Mississauga

Moving can be an exciting event in one’s life. Perhaps you are a first-time home buyer. Perhaps you are selling your home in order to accommodate a growing family. Or perhaps you’re opening up a small business that you’re enthusiastic about and you need a storefront.

A bad experience can occur when real estate transactions run into difficulties.On top of that, real estate transactions are complicated in Mississauga. For that reason, we put the execution of every deal at the top of our priority list. You can rely on Sabio Law to handle all the details.

We are here to assist with:

  • Drafting/Reviewing Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Reviewing Condominium Status Certificate
  • Sale of Residential Property
  • Purchase of Residential Property
  • Purchase of New Home Construction
  • Transfer of Title or Ownership
  • Assignment Agreements
  • Residential Mortgage Refinancing
  • Commercial Mortgage Refinancing
  • Sale of Commercial Property
  • Purchase of Commercial Property
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Commercial Lease Agreement