Real Estate Litigation- Toronto

Civil and Commercial Litigation in Toronto

Conflicts and disputes between individuals and businesses are inevitable. Having said that, not every dispute should be resolved by a court of law. At our Toronto firm, we are committed to ensuring our clients’ growth by encouraging a practical and strategic approach to resolve disputes in the most cost-effective manner.

We can help you with

  • Contract dispute
  • Real-estate disputes & mortgage enforcements.
  • Property possessory disputes
  • Debt recovery & foreclosures
  • Business disputes- Disputes among shareholders and partners
  • Business torts
  • Injunction and Declaration reliefs
  • Insurance & subrogation Disputes
  • Construction Lien
  • Construction delay & deficiency claims- we represent both the owners and contractors
  • Construction performance bonds
  • Medical and legal Professional Negligence/misconduct
  • Personal injury- MVA, disability, slip & fall
  • Immigration Litigation
  • Employment disputes
  • Disputes under the value of $35000

Litigation Stages

Litigation is generally confused with tedious court cases, however, there are stages to it and we can help you resolve your disputes at each stage of litigation.
Here are the three stages of the litigation process:

Pre-litigationLitigationPost litigation
Demand letters/legal noticesFiling of claims before forums like Superior court of justice, small claims court, federal courts and tribunalsEnforcements of court orders
Strategic NegotiationsDefend a claim against youWrite of execution
Settlement agreementsDiscovery proceedings
Dispute resolution advisorySettlement mediations and negotiations
Fair consultations and custom-made disruptive solutionsTrials
Factums briefs and submissions
Perfecting liens